Misha Glenny: Dark Market – How hackers became the new mafia

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ISBN 978-0-099-54655-9. Paperback. 409 sider. Stand: 6 ud af 6 stjerner.

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Glenny takes the reader through various scams and how the involvement grows within the criminal community, especially those called “carders” who stand to make large sums of money from milking bank account holders through misappropriation of the details on their credit cards.  Successful racketeers being able to buy real estate, luxury cars and other big ticket goods, and at the same time keeping a low profile. The book shows that there are certain levels of mistrust between law enforcement agencies in different countries, and even between agencies in the same country. The dark marketeers use this to spook others in the rackets until nobody is sure of friend or foe! For many of these people, they crave respect amongst their brother hackers and crackers, but anonymity is a double edged sword which breeds an intrinsic lack of trust across the internet.

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