Marta Sved: Journey into Geometries

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ISBN 0-88385-500-3. Paperback. 182 sider. Stand: 5 ud af 6 stjerner.

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Journey into Geometries is written as a conversation between three characters: Alice, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (but older and familiar with Euclidean geometry), Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice’s adventures, and a modern mathematician named “Dr. Whatif”. Its topics include hyperbolic geometry, inversive geometry, and projective geometry, following an arrangement of these topics credited to Australian mathematician Carl Moppert, and possibly based on an earlier German-language textbook on similar topics by F. Gonseth and P. Marti. As in Alice’s original adventures, the first part of the book is arranged as a travelogue. This part of the book has six chapters, each ending with a set of exercises. Following these chapters, more conventionally written material covers geometric axiom systems and provides solutions to the exercises.

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