Kate Elliott: Crown of stars

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In the wake of the cataclysm that has reshaped the very lands, Sanglant is struggling to legitimize his own rulership and Liath’s status as his wife and consort, even as others are leaguing against him…. The Aoi are carrying out random attacks on the humans and implicating Sanglant as their leader…. While Liath, searching for forbidden magics, is unexpectedly beset by enemies she may not be able to withstand…. Stronghand is on a march of conquest that will inevitably lead into the heart of Sanglant’s realm…. Adelheid has made an unholy alliance with the treacherous Antonia, who, with the deadly galla at her command, is prepared to strike at Liath, Sanglant, or anyone who threatens her plans…. Sabella and Duke Conrad have also marshaled their forces and are moving to seize the crown from Sanglant…. And Alain must take his own stand against the Lady of Battles if he is to have any hope of redeeming this war- and magic-torn world….

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