David Burke: Street spanish 3 – The best of naughty spanish

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You’ve mastered Spanish, yet you still feel like an outsider. The reason is simple. You haven’t discovered the important piece to understanding everyday spanish: popular expletives and obscenities – those back-alley words and phrases constantly used in movies, books and conversations between native speakers. STREET SPANISH 3 is the first step-by-step guide of its kind to explore the most common curses, vulgarities, and obscenities used in many Spanish-speaking countries. Chapters include: * Dating Slang * Nonvulgar Insults & Putdowns * Vulgar Insults & Name-Calling * Body Parts in Slang * Sexual Slang * Bodily Functions, Sounds & Smells * The Many Uses of “”Mierda”” * The Many Uses of “”Cagar”” * The Many Uses of “”Co?o”” * The Many Uses of “”Chingar”” & “”Joder””. * Being Obscene Unintentionally!

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