Bernard Gunther: Sense Relaxation

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ISBN 0-87877-093-3. Paperback. 144 sider. Stand: 5 ud af 6 stjerner.

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In this stunning black-and-white pictorial form, Bernard Gunther gives us explicit directions and suggestions for turning your life into an entirely new sense of being alive. The results are obvious – you get back in touch with being alive. This book has numerous exercises, including tapping, slapping, shaking, lifting and stretching, for individuals, couples, and groups. We are born sensitive, are desensitized and can resensitize. It is possible to focus attention on sensory experience, within-without excessive strain. We are all capable of letting go of filtering and habitual interferences; with making contact with subtle live movement and pleasure. I would recommend this book to people who no longer feel that they are in touch with their bodies, and want to live life fully. Get out of your mind. Back into your body. Breathe. Live.

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