Angus Watson: Beethoven’s chamber music in context

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Beethoven’s Chamber Music in Context provides professional and amateur musicians, and music lovers generally, with a complete survey of Beethoven’s chamber music and the background to each individual work – the loyalty of patrons, musicians and friends on the one hand; increasing deafness and uncertain health on the other. Attention is paid to the influence of such large-scale compositions as the Eroica Symphony and Fidelio on the chamber music of his middle years and the Missa Solemnis and the Ninth Symphony on his late quartets. The author also lays stress on Beethoven’s ever-increasing freedom of form – largely a result of his mastery of improvisationand a powerful symbol of the fusion of classical discipline with the subversive spirit of romantic adventure which characterises his mature music. Beethoven’s friends were not shy about asking him what his music meant, orwhat inspired him, and it is clear that he attached the greatest importance to the words he used when describing the character of his compositions. ‘The tempo is more like the body, ‘ he wrote when commending Malzel’s invention ofthe metronome, ‘but these indications of character certainly refer to the spirit.’

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