Alison North: The punishing of Pauline Peach – Paying the price of love

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ISBN 0-7472-6238-1. Paperback. 216 sider. Stand: 5 ud af 6 stjerner.

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With her angel face, long blonde hair and a figure to take the breath away, Pauline walks through life wreaking havoc. Grown men do more than weep at her approach – they scheme to have her, every one. And, thanks to Pauline’s generous disposition, far too many of them are successful. How else is it possible to explain away the foursome on her wedding night – and none of the other three her husband? Or the indecencies of the honeymoon itself which, again, excluded poor Michael? Or the orgy at the office when her colleagues celebrated her return? It’s time for someone to wield a firm hand. Time for the punishing to begin .

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