Bozidar M.Kazic: The chess competitor’s handbook

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With the remarkable increase in the number of tournaments and weekend congresses over the last decade, the understanding of the Laws of Chess, and the way they work in practice, is of paramount importance to all chess players. To date, organizers and participants have had no authority to which they could refer, but this gap has now been filled by Bozidar Kazic, the Chief Arbiter of FIDE, with contributions from Dragutin Djaja, a FIDE International Arbiter; Martin Morrison, past President of the FIDE Rules Commission; and Arpad Elo, creator and developer of the official FIDE Rating System. This book includes a detailed explanation of the FIDE Rating System and the method by which all International Titles are awarded. All controllers will benefit from the thorough coverage afforded to the various forms of the Swiss System and other tournament systems.

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