Arabella Knight: Candy in captivity

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ISBN 0-352-33495-9. Paperback. 243 sider. Stand: 5 ud af 6 stjerner.

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Candy Brompton is a smart, ambitious girl working her way up in the world of real estate. When she journeys to a remote Hebridean island to investigate the sale of a castle her life is set to change irrevocably. She stumbles upon an all-female community which adheres to a regime of strict discipline, and whose members intend to make her one of their bondmaidens. Delightfully painful consequences await those who are disobedient, and Candy’s independent streak guarantees that judicious use of the cane will be employed before she knows what’s happened to her. Very soon, a sore bottom and injured pride will be a prelude to the equisite joys of submissive games.

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